Personnel Detail

Joe Mitola

Title:Director, Information Systems Laboratory, Hume Center


trustworthy cognitive systems, cognitive radio, software radio


Dr. Joe Mitola III, IEEE Fellow, is recognized globally as “the godfather” of software defined radio and cognitive radio technologies on which modern wireless communications are based.  He brings over 40 years of experience to his role as Information Systems Lab Director at Virginia Tech's Hume Center for National Security and Technology.

Before joining Virginia Tech, Mitola was Vice President for the Research Enterprise of Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ.  Prior to joining Stevens in 2008, he served as the Chief Scientist for the MITRE Corporation.  Earlier in his career he held positions of technical leadership E-Systems, Harris, Advanced Decision Systems, and ITT.

His seminal research and publications on software radio, software-defined radio, and cognitive radio, including his book, Software Radio Architecture and Cognitive Radio Architecture (Wiley 2006), served as the foundation upon which the US Department of Defense based dynamic spectrum access and the Federal Communications Commission based spectrum sharing.

Mitola received his BS in electrical engineering from Northeastern University, Boston, MA; MS in stochastic optimal control from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD; and Licentiate and Doctorate degrees in teleinformatics from KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.