Federal Contract Vehicles

The Hume Center is focused principally on executing Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) focused work with 6.1 through 6.4 budget category funding. Consequently the majority of the contract vehicles available to the Hume Center are focused on such activities. Some of the contract vehicles support classified task orders, and others do not. Most only accept pass-through if focused in the specific area of the sponsoring organization.

Sponsor Type Prime Contract Period
Air Force Research Labs - Dayton IDIQ Macauly Brown Advanced Novel Spectrum Warfare Environment Research (ANSWER) Sep 2019
Air Force Research Labs - Dayton IDIQ Macauly Brown Source Multiple Integrated Radio Frequency (SMIRF) Sep 2020
Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center OTA Virginia Tech Space Enterprise Consortium Nov 2022
Army CERDEC IDIQ Systek Inc S&TCD Technical, Administrative, and Operation Support Services (TAOSS) Feb 2019
Army Contracting Command OTA CMG C5 Consortium: C4ISR and Cyber Sep 2027
Army Research Labs IDIQ Sierra Nevada Corporation Persistent Surveillance, Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (PS-ISR) May 2020
Army Research Labs IDIQ Parsons C5ISR Integrated Operations for High Performance Computing Mar 2026
Army TACOM BPA Leidos OMNIBUS III May 2023
ASD(R&E) OTA Virginia Tech National Spectrum Consortium Sep 2020
Department of Homeland Security IDIQ Sotera Defense Solutions EAGLE II May 2021
Defense Intelligence Agency IDIQ L-3 Communications Enhanced Solutions for the Information Technology Enterprise (E-SITE) Jul 2020
Defense Technical Information Center IDIQ Georgia Tech Research Institute Cyber Security and Information Systems Technical Area Tasks — CS TAT Nov 2020
Macauly Brown
NASA Langley Research Center IDIQ National Institute of Aerospace Space, atmospheric, and satellite R&D Sep 2022
Naval Air Systems Command IDIQ KBRwyle via DS-TAT Virginia Tech Airworthiness Center Nov 2020
Naval Sea Systems Command IDIQ Alion Science and Technology SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) Varies
BMT Designers & Planners
Gryphon Technologies
Progeny Systems
Virginia Tech Applied Research Corporation
Naval Sea Systems Command Consortium Naval Engineering Education Consortium Supports research and education programs focused on STEM and Naval Engineering N/A
National Science Foundation Continuing Grant Virginia Tech Security and Software Engineering Research Center Mar 2020
National Science Foundation Continuing Grant Virginia Tech Broadband Wireless Access and Applications Center Dec 2020
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration IDIQ Virginia Tech Vehicle Systems Research (includes vehicular cybersecurity and safety) Jul 2019
Naval Research Labs IDIQ Sotera Defense Solutions Research and Development Support to the Information Technology Division May 2021
National Institutes of Health GWAC Sotera Defense Solutions Chief Information Officer – Solutions and Partners 3 (CIO-SP3) May 2022
Naval Surface Warfare Center - NSWC Dahlgren IDIQ Virginia Tech ICTAS Center for Naval Systems Aug 2018