Federal Partnerships

The Hume Center can support a number of different relationships with federal sponsors, based on the nature of the collaboration.

Sponsored Research: Sponsors can establish research contracts with the Hume Center and directly fund university research through the university's Office of Sponsored Programs, which is equipped to handle many forms of contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and other related activities.

Cooperative Research and Development Activity: Through CRADAs, government sponsors can establish joint research goals, teaming agreements, and support secure research programs at the university in the absence of a specific funded contract.

The Hume Center has access to a number of contract vehicles that can ease the process of executing federal funding. We aim to provide two key resources to the US Federal Government:

  • Highly qualified engineers, scientists, and analysts for US Federal Government employment
  • Mechanisms for easily sponsoring research, unclassified and classified, with Virginia Tech

The Hume Center is dedicated to providing opportunities to work on federally-funded projects, work in a secure environment, and participate in summer internship opportunities with the US Federal Government. We are interested in collaborating with agency hiring programs, internship programs, and employee educational organizations wherever possible to provide a top-notch work force.

Virginia Tech has been a cleared facility for nearly half a century and now operates a facility near the Blacksburg campus capable of supporting education and research in accordance with NISPOM and DCIDs. A similar facility is planned for our Arlington Research Center, expected to be operational in mid-2011. These capabilities support the Hume Center's sponsored research goals in this very specialized area.

For more information, please contact Christine Callsen, Director of Outreach and Education

Contract Vehicles

The Hume Center is focused principally on executing Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) focused work with 6.1 through 6.3 budget category funding. Consequently the majority of the contract vehicles available to the Hume Center are focused on such activities. Some of the contract vehicles support classified task orders, and others do not. Most only accept pass-through if focused in the specific area of the sponsoring organization.

Sponsor Type Prime Contract
AFRL Dayton IDIQ Macauly Brown Advanced Novel Spectrum Warfare Environment Research (ANSWER)
AFRL Dayton IDIQ Macauly Brown Source Multiple Integrated Radio Frequency (SMIRF)
AFRL Rome IDIQ AIS Agile Cyber Technology (ACT)
L-3 Communications
Army CERDEC IDIQ Systek Inc S&TCD Technical, Administrative, and Operation Support Services (TAOSS)
ASD(R&E) OTA Virginia Tech National Spectrum Consortium
DHS IDIQ Sotera Defense Solutions EAGLE II
DIA IDIQ L-3 Communications Enhanced Solutions for the Information Technology Enterprise (E-SITE)
DTIC IDIQ Georgia Tech Research Institute Cyber Security and Information Systems Technical Area Tasks — CS TAT
Macauly Brown
DTIC IDIQ Oak Ridge Associated Universities Homeland Defense and Security Information Analysis Center — HD IAC
Marine Corps Systems Command IDIQ Mantech Commercial Enterprise Omnibus Support Services (CEOSS)
NAVAIR Cooperative Agreement Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Airworthiness Center
NAVSEA IDIQ Alion Science and Technology SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e)
BMT Designers & Planners
Gryphon Technologies
Progeny Systems
Virginia Tech Applied Research Corporation
NAVSEA IDIQ Naval Engineering Education Consortium Supports research and education programs focused on STEM and Naval Engineering
NSF Continuing Grant Virginia Tech Security and Software Engineering Research Center
NSF Continuing Grant Virginia Tech Broadband Wireless Access and Applications Center
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration IDIQ Virginia Tech Vehicle Systems Research (includes vehicular cybersecurity and safety)
NRL IDIQ Sotera Defense Solutions Research and Development Support to the Information Technology Division
NIH GWAC Sotera Defense Solutions Chief Information Officer – Solutions and Partners 3 (CIO-SP3)
NSWC Dahlgren IDIQ Virginia Tech ICTAS Center for Naval Systems
SPAWAR Atlantic IDIQ Virginia Tech University Contract for RDT&E Solutions and Support (UCRSS)
SPAWAR Atlantic IDIQ SAIC SPAWAR Pillar - Battlespace Awareness Pillar
SPAWAR Pacific Cooperative Agreement Virginia Tech Cooperative agreement for C4ISR RDT&E