2014 Virginia Tech NSEP/ICCAE Colloquium


The annual IC Colloquium is one of the highlights of our year. It allows students from across the university to interact with leaders from the intelligence community, beginning with a student research poster session and keynote, and continuing on the second day with speakers, networking sessions, a career panel, and small group sessions with subject matter experts.

Spring 2014 Colloquium

The Spring 2014 IC Colloquium is April 23-24 in Blacksburg VA. The event is hosted at the Inn at Virginia Tech.


Wednesday, 23 April

1830 IC Scholars Poster Session
  • Impact of cultural divisions during the Bosnian Crisis
  • Multi-scale semantic interaction for big data analytics
  • Use of mobile devices as an additional authentication mechanism for computer systems
  • Using mobile devices as a means of proximity detection and split-key management
  • Malware detection at runtime on mobile devices
  • Iran water shortages
  • Iranian Sanctions
  • U.S. issues with cyber law
  • Physical security risk levels of electronic lock systems
  • Dedicated nanosatellite launch vehicle system
  • Wireless exploitation
  • Virtual currency and terrorist financing
  • China's growing military power and the effect on their worldwide influence
  • Cyber security threats that China poses to U.S national security
  • Comparison of Colombian and Mexican drug cartels and impact on US security
  • Impact of climate change on national security
  • Introductory application of the intrinsic extended finite element method to model composite materials
  • Geography and regional governing policies, a case study of Morocco and Turkey
  • Incentivizing efficiency
1930 Keynote: Jim Simon
  • founding Director of the Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments
  • former Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Administration

Thursday, 24 April

0800 Speakers and networking
  • Scott Loomer, NGA
  • Sandra Stanar-Johnson, NSA
  • John K., CNC
  • Jim Hill, MCIA
1300 Panel on Careers in the IC CIA, NSA, NGA, FBI, and MCIA
1430 Small group Q&A Subject matter expert


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