Committees and Faculty Engagement

Get Involved

Faculty interested in getting involved with the Integrated Security destination area should join the "IS COMMUNITY" Google Group.  Submit a request to join via the website, or contact Russ Walker.

Faculty Governance

Stakeholders Committee

The Integrated Security destination area is governed by a stakeholders committee with the following members:

Additionally, the destination area is supported by the following key personnel:

Please contact Russ Walker,, for additional information regarding the Integrated Security destination area.


The committee currently has several subcommittees:

  • Education (members, minutes, and meeting times are available here)
    • Jim Hawdon
    • Janine Hiller, Co-Chair
    • Tim Luke, Chair
    • Randy Marchany
  • Research
    • Charles Clancy, Chair
    • Jim Hawdon
    • Patrick Huber
  • Engagement
    • Jon Black, Chair
    • Charles Clancy, Co-Chair
    • Randy Fullhart
  • Facilities
    • Jon Black
    • Janine Hiller
    • Patrick Huber, Chair
    • Tim Luke
    • Daphne Yao, Co-Chair

For queries specific to a particular subcommittee, please contact the respective chair.