Curriculum Vitae - Erin Lanus

Intelligent Systems Lab, Hume Center for National Security and Technology
Virginia Tech National Capital Region Research Center - Arlington
900 N. Glebe Rd., Arlington, VA 22203
571-858-3382 | lanus (at) vt (dot) edu


I am a Research Assistant Professor in the Intelligent Systems Lab at the Hume Center for National Security and Technology at the Virginia Tech National Capital Region Research Center - Arlington. My current research interests include machine learning for cybersecurity and testing and explainability in artificial intelligence and machine learning systems. My publications are below or on my Google Scholar page. You can view my branch in the Mathematics Genealogy Project and my ORCID iD. My Erdős number is 2.


Ph.D., Computer Science
Cybersecurity Concentration
Advisor: Professor Charles Colbourn
Interaction Testing, Fault Location, and Anonymous Attribute-Based Authorization
Arizona State University
B.A. Psychology
Magna Cum Laude
Arizona State University


  1. E. Lanus, I. Hernandez, A. Dachowicz, L. Freeman, M. Grande, A. Lang, J. H. Panchal, S. Welch, Test and Evaluation Framework for Multi-Agent Systems of Autonomous Intelligent Agents, in submission.
  2. E. Lanus, C. J. Colbourn, and Gail-Joon Ahn, Guaranteeing Anonymity in Attribute-Based Authorization, in submission.
  3. A. Sherman, E. Lanus, M. Liskov, E. Zieglar, R. Chang, E. Golaszewski, R. Wnuk-Fink, C. Bonyadi, M. Yaksetig and I. Blumenfeld, Formal Methods Analysis of the Secure Remote Password Protocol, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, accepted May 20, 2020.
  4. E. Lanus and C. J. Colbourn, Algorithms for Constructing Anonymizing Arrays, International Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms, accepted March 9, 2020.
  5. R. E. Dougherty, E. Lanus, C. J. Colbourn, and S. Forrest, Genetic Algorithms for Affine Transformations to Existential t-Restrictions, Proceedings of GECCO (2019), 1707-1708.
  6. E. Lanus, C. J. Colbourn and D. C. Montgomery, Partitioned Search with Column Resampling for Locating Array Construction, IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation Workshops (ICSTW), (2019), 214-223.
  7. C. J. Colbourn and E. Lanus, Subspace Restrictions and Affine Composition for Covering Perfect Hash Families, Art of Discrete and Applied Mathematics 1 (2018), 1-19.
  8. C. J. Colbourn, E. Lanus, and K. Sarkar, Asymptotic and Constructive Methods for Covering Perfect Hash Families and Covering Arrays, Designs, Codes and Cryptography 86 (2018), 907-937.
  9. E. F. Lanus and E. V. Zieglar, Analysis of a Forced-Latency Defense Against Man-in-the-Middle Attacks, Journal of Information Warfare 16 (2017), 66-78.

Talks, Conferences, and Workshops

  1. IWOCA 2020 : 31st International Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms (upcoming). Talk: Algorithms for Constructing Anonymizing Arrays. Bordeaux, France, 6/2020.
  2. High Confidence Software and Systems Conference (upcoming). Talk: Analysis of the Secure Remote Password Protocol Using CPSA. Maryland, USA, 5/2020.
  3. Defense and Aerospace Test and Analysis (DATA) Workshop. Short Course: Software Testing. Virginia, USA, 3/2020. Cancelled due to SARS-CoV-2.
  4. Fall Technical Conference. Talk: Tuning Algorithmic Parameters for Locating Array Construction. Maryland, USA, 9/2019.
  5. UMBC Cyber Defense Lab invited talk. Talk: Analysis of the Secure Remote Password (SRP) Protocol Using CPSA. Maryland, USA, 9/2019.
  6. International Workshop on Combinatorial Testing. Talk: Partitioned Search with Column Resampling for Locating Array Construction. Xian, China, 4/2019.
  7. Defense and Aerospace Test and Analysis (DATA) Workshop. Talk: Constructing Designs for Fault Location. Virginia, USA, 4/2019.
  8. Conference on Combinatorics and its Applications in Celebration of Charlie Colbourn's 65th Birthday. Talk: Covering Perfect Hash Families and Covering Arrays. Singapore, 7/2018.
  9. Protocol eXchange. Talk: Analysis of a Forced-Latency Defense Against Man-in-the-Middle. Maryland, USA, 6/2015.
  10. CRA-W Grad Cohort 2015. Poster: Efficient Construction of Intermediate-size Covering Arrays, San Francisco, USA, 4/2015.

Teaching Experience

Graduate Teaching Associate
Teaching Assistant:
  • CSE355: Introduction to the Theory of Computation (Spring 2013, Spring 2014)
  • CSE555: Theory of Computation (Spring 2014)
  • CSE100: Principles of Programming with C++ (Spring 2013)
  • CSE110: Principles of Programming with Java (Fall 2013)
  • ASU101-CSE: The ASU Experience (Fall 2012)
Arizona State University

Work and Other Research Experience

Research Assistant Professor
Hume Center for National Security and Technology, Virginia Tech
Research Fellow
University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Research applying tools for analyzing cryptographic protocols
High Confidence Software and Systems Researcher/NPSC
Federal Government, Department of Defense
  • Summer work experience as part of National Physical Science Consortium (NPSC) fellowship program
  • Presented work in progress at Protocol eXchange, a semi-annual workshop for protocol analysis, verification, and related security topics
  • Collaboration with mentor towards application of recently developed features within automated formal methods tool Cryptographic Protocol Shapes Analyzer (CPSA) to a new class of protocols
Lab Manager
Center for BioIntelligence, Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen)
  • Assisted with website design for BioIntelligence Knowledge Network (BIONET)
  • Conducted research regarding measures of the generalized hypergraph of the network
  • Created and delivered workshops in Python programming language and MongoDB for first-time programmers and biologists
  • Supervised HELIOS Scholars summer interns' research projects
Web Manager
The Music Store
  • Responsible for creation/maintenance of web site, e-commerce, online and print advertising and publications
Habilitation Provider
Guthrie Mainstream Services
  • Create lesson and reinforcement plans and evaluate progress for clients with autism
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Psychology Department, Arizona State University
  • Assisted in preparation of digital images and subject testing in study of human face recognition across the age spectrum

Fellowships and Awards

GPSA Outstanding Research Award 2019
National Physical Science Consortium 2014-2019
Computer Science Diversity Fellowship 2012-2013
Graduate Fellowship 2012-2013
Norton Grant for Women's Studies in Religion 2005-2007
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Alumni International Study Abroad Scholarship 2005-2006
Presidents Scholarship 2002-2006

Professional Organization and Society Membership

  • Association for Computing Machinery, Member
  • IEEE Computer Society, Member
  • IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Member
  • IEEE Women in Engineering Society, Member
  • IEEE Young Professionals Society, Member
  • Society of Women Engineers, Member