Virginia Tech students and faculty now have access to an increased library of resources, free of charge, under a new agreement between the Virginia Tech National Security Institute and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

The program is designed to facilitate the creation of "...public-facing, open source intelligence on various strategic, economic, and humanitarian intelliegence topics..."

These resources, which include unclassified data and commercial imagery, can be used by Virginia Tech students and faculty for the creation of open source research, analysis, and reporting, and can be used on new or existing research programs.

Imagery sources for this program include Maxar, SkySat (Planet), Blacksky, Capella, ICEYE, PlanetScope DOVE, and other EO and radar data sources. 

Research areas can span from national security topics, economics, climate change, and almost any other research area that would utilize geospatial imagery and data. The main requirement from NGA is that they want unique and original research.

For questions regarding access to information within the agreement, please fill out this form.