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Kevin Schroeder

Research Scientist, Aerospace and Ocean Systems Division

kevin shroeder portrait  • 540-231-7626

Hume Center
1311 Research Center Drive
Office Number 2036
Blacksburg, VA 24061
United States

Kevin Schroeder

Research Scientist, Aerospace and Ocean Systems Division

Kevin Schroeder is a research scientist in the Hume Center's Aerospace and Ocean Systems Division and an instructor in the Aerospace and Ocean Engineering department. (i.e., AOE 3154, AOE 2994/4994, AOE 4984, AOE 6234, and AOE 6984, a NASA Innovative Advance Concepts (NIAC) Fellow

Schroeder's research interests include Astrodynamics, Space Situational Awareness, Orbit Determination and State Estimation, In-space Assembly, CubeSat Development, Optimal Decision Processes, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Autonomy of Dynamical Systems, Swarming, and Systems Engineering of Flight Systems.

Schroeder was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Virginia Tech in Aerospace and Ocean Engineering department in 2018, and he earned his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Virginia Tech in 2017, and B.S. in engineering from Oral Roberts University in 2014.