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This program is founded on an award from the Office of Naval Research/Office of the Secretary of Defense from the Manufacturing Engineering Education Program (MEEP). The premise of the Hume Center award is built on education and research into the design, fabrication and production of embedded/conformal antennas, arrays, radomes, related structures and related objectives. Our approach is to produce a curriculum that is multidisciplinary and includes design and analysis methods for these electromagnetic structures as well as materials, composites and the application of 3D printing to applied electromagnetics. We intend to recruit electrical engineering students into the electromagnetics field and to instruct all participating engineering students in the requirements, considerations and art of functional aerospace composites. In support of this objective, we are creating several cross-disciplinary classes (undergrad and graduate) and have established teams of undergraduate/graduate researchers working outside the classroom. These students will gain a broad perspective on integrating antennas and other functional devices into composites. The Virginia Tech team includes electrical, chemical, structural, materials, industrial, and mechanical engineering students and faculty.

An important aspect of the program is to create a workforce pipeline aligned with the needs of the Department of Defense community (industry and government). To support this and keep it relevant to actual defense community needs, we are constructing a consortium where members are involved with student research, projects, and curriculum and can recruit interns and new employees early in their academic careers. We are also developing related short courses for employee professional development (new employees in particular) in composites, materials, and electromagnetics: antennas, arrays, radomes, FSS and their creation with 3D printing and integration with composites.

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