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Student Research

The Hume Center offers opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to conduct research with us in the National Security Institutes divisions: the Mission Systems Division, the Intelligent Systems Division, and the Spectrum Dominance Division.

If you are interested in conducting research at any of these labs, visit their webpage to inquire.

If you are interested in sponsoring research at the Hume Center, please visit the Academic Affiliates Program webpage.

Graduate Research Opportunities

The Hume Center accepts graduate students as research assistants in the Mission Systems Division, the Intelligent Systems Division, and the Spectrum Dominance Division. If you are interested in conducting research at any of these labs, visit their webpage to inquire.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduate students interested in conducting research with the Hume Center can join us at three different levels: paid, for credit, or as a volunteer. If you are interested in conducting research at any of these labs, visit their webpage to inquire.

Internships of Interest

MARFORCYBER is the Marine Corps' Component Command Headquarters to United States Cyberspace Command (USCYBERCOM). MARFORCYBER's mission in support of USCYBERCOM is to plan, coordinate, integrate, synchronize and direct defensive cyberspace operations, and when directed, execute offensive cyberspace operations, in order to enable freedom of action across all warfighting domains. Each MA will have the opportunity to work on real world operational problem sets. Based on demonstrated proficiency, each individual will receive tasking and work on teams that contribute to operations, research, or capability / program development with cyber, information technology, or computer science applications.

Submit the completed application, letter of recomendation, transcripts, and any supporting documents to:

Eligibility for MAP/Internship Program:

  • Interns must be U.S. Civilian Citizen
  • Interns shall be high performing students majoring (or minoring) in computer science or similar field
  • Interns shall be nominated by Computer Science (or related study) Chairperson or designee.
  • Interns shall provide a letter of recommendation from a Professor in the computer science department.
  • Interns shall have a basic understanding of accepted programming practices.
  • Be accepted for enrollment or enrolled and seeking a degree or certificate in a qualifying educational institution on a half- to full-time basis (as determined by the educational institution).
  • Meet the definition of a student throughout the duration of your appointment.
  • Maintain both a cumulative and term GPA of at least 2.95, satisfactorily progress toward receipt of an under-graduate or post- baccalaureate degree and notify their supervisor of any change in enrollment status and/or work schedule.
MARFORCYBER MAP Intern Application 2023.pdf